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About Us

 About Us


Welcome to our website, we are premium German Shepherd breeders, producing the best European dogs in North America.

At NycTriStateK9 we are proud of the Eighteen years of breeding the highest quality German Shepherds in the New York City and the Tri-State area. We are dedicated to providing our clientele with German Shepherd puppies and adult dogs that have been selected for their distinguished pedigrees and overall good health.

Our German Shepherd dogs are AKC registered and OFA certified, and are recognized for their ability  to easily adapt to any new environment or circumstance that they are placed in. These varying  environments could be as simple as your home for basic companionship and family protection, to numerous service programs which we have placed many of our top dogs. These programs include both military and law enforcement and we have become the top choice for organizations that want the best of the best when it comes to working class German Shepherd dogs.

NycTriStateK9 German Shepherd Dogs exhibit the best temperaments and intelligence  that many have been used for Seeing Eye Programs,  as-well as search and rescue dogs that perform in the most extreme conditions.

Our breed of German Shepherd dogs come from a very specific mating process and rare blood line that has been incorporated into the breed from very select and rare breeding process that were scientifically designed from West & East German as-well as Czech lineage. Our dogs are not just champion Blood Lines but they are considered the in the dog world to be exotic.

The German Shepherds of NYC Tri State K9 are champions and will perform as such. Our German Shepherds excel at any and all tasks at hand and will not stop until they accomplish their goal. They are extremely trainable and can pick up basic commands with minimal effort. What separates us from the so called competition is besides the impecable blood lines, the owner of NYC Tri State K9 is one of the most sought after K9 trainers and dog handlers in the world. Mario is considered to be the trainers trainer and with that in mind, when choosing a the right dog, Mario can help you better ascertain which one of his champion blood line German Shepherds has the character traits that would be best for your specific situation.

Our German Shepherds were built to perform at the highest levels.